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new product ideas

New Product Ideas

Make your ideation process transparent so that your people focus on

generating better ideas for products and services!

  • Generate better Ideas
  • Improve ROI on R&D
  • Accelerate Growth and Productivity

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Cost Saving Ideas

Design efficient and modern Cost Saving Processes by integrating modern Web 2.0 elements!

  • Motivate Contributors
  • Relieve Experts and Managers
  • Understand and realize savings potential

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Open Innovation

Establish your organization-specific Open Innovation strategy!

  • Cultivate external ideas
  • Increase potential for innovation
  • Ensure competitive advantages

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Invention Disclosures

Get an overview of your company’s Intellectual Property and patent the right ideas in a timely fashion!

  • Submit Invention Disclosures electronically
  • Design a transparent Patent Process
  • Manage your Patent Portfolio

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“We got the immediate benefits of buying an off the shelf software, with the ability to customize to our own processes as if we had built it ourselves.”

Martin Roulleaux Dugage, CKO – Corporate R&D AREVA about the initial HypeIMT Roll-Out

„HypeIMT enabled various P&G business units to improve the ideation process significantly. Ease of use and flexibility are the key factors driving acceptance from idea contributors all the way to top management. With HypeIMT the innovation process has definitely entered a new era”.

Dr. Bernd O. Trebitz,
Section Head – R&D Mechanical Developments, Laboratories and Robot Center

Leading Companies rely on Hype

With more than 110 installations in 12 countries, HypeIMT is the world’s most widely installed idea management solution.

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Manage your Ideation process with Innovation Management Software: HypeIMT for Idea Management in New Product Development.

Generate better Ideas – Improve ROI on R&D – Accelerate Growth and Productivity

HypeIMT is the leading Software for Idea- and Innovation Management, to support the whole New Product Development Process, from ideation to commercialization of a new product. Ten of the Global Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric und Procter&Gamble, are already applying HypeIMT to manage the Front End of Innovation.

HypeIMT is an Innovation Management Software which makes your ideation process transparent so that your people focus on generating better ideas for products and services. A systematic process for capturing, rating, comparing, and selecting ideas ensures the right ideas receive funding. Flexible and customizable, HypeIMT helps you design your Innovation Management Process even more effectively, and it supports your particular New Product Development Strategy.

Generate better Ideas!

  • Increase your ROI: Sift out quality ideas faster and gain efficiency in your ideation through automatic processes and up-to-the-minute reports and statistics.
  • Build your corporate innovation community and involve all your top innovators: Have them subscribe to, browse, collaborate, comment, enrich, build upon, and evaluate others’ ideas.
  • Run idea campaigns: Focus your idea management activities and capture ideas of certain target groups of your company for critically important topics even faster.

Improve ROI on R&D

  • Optimize your Innovation Pipeline and put your Product Development Process “on rails”. Escalate ideas that pay off. HypeIMT enables you to get the best corporate ideas into production even faster and thus ensures accelerating growth for your company.
  • Automate the evaluation process to get the best ideas quickly in front of everyone – your colleagues, your subject-matter experts, your executive management – while reducing the churn on ideas that do not meet the needs of your customer and your business strategy.

Accelerate Growth and Productivity

  • Improve ROI and track results: Knowing how to measure success means knowing how to repeat that success.
  • Having all of your innovation management in a single HypeIMT repository allows you to report on key cost factors, monitor products in the market, and improve market success probability.

Features of HypeIMT for New Product Development

  • Configurable Multi-Phase Workflow
  • Configurable Email Notifications
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How is WordPress.com made?

How is WordPress.com made?.

One of my favorite shows is How It’s Made. I love seeing how things I use every day are actually created. In that spirit, here at Automattic we’ve thought about sharing more about how we work and think. For starters, here’s a recap on a few things.

Where are we? Everywhere.

People are surprised to learn we are a distributed company. Most of our employees live in different cities and countries around the world. We have a headquarters in San Francisco, but most of our employees are elsewhere. This means we are working round the clock and we’re informed by many cultures, places, and cuisines (we like food).

How do we work?

Toni, our CEO, has written about the advantages of distributed work before. We are a publishing and services company, and we passionately believe in the power of blogs as group communication tools. We use a WordPress theme called P2 for much of our internal communication, and they function as a combination of specifications, bug reports, brainstorms, watercooler chats, and more. You can read Matt’s take on how P2s changed the company (includes of a video of P2 in action).

Everyone at Automattic is organized into a team of 5-10 people, each team focused on different areas. For example, I’m the lead for Team Social, and we work on improving things like comments, publicizing posts to social networks, and other features. We have teams for Systems, Themes, VIP services, and more.

On a daily basis, everyone works with high autonomy. We do this by choice, since we’re distributed by time as well as distance. We use P2s, IRC chat, and Skype to communicate, picking the right medium depending on how time sensitive a message is. One surprise is how little we use email. I’ve been at Automattic for 7 months and have received only a couple hundred emails, many from people outside the company.

How are new features and improvements made?

A high percentage of improvements come entirely from the WordPress.org community, the open source project WordPress.com is based on.

Here at Automattic we implement, test, and release changes to WordPress.com dozens of times a day. We do it with love, trying to make it so you don’t always know why, but definitely feel your blog gets better and better all the time.

Each team works differently, but each developer, working with a team lead and a designer, decides what changes to make and when to release them. Bigger projects like VaultPress require the work of a dedicated team for weeks or months. Other things like bug fixes or minor features are often finished in days or hours.

We get ideas from many different places. Our stellar Happiness Team constantly reviews issues and discovers ways to make things better, and they’re one primary source for what to work on next. But we also keep lots of data on which features get used, and where it seems people have problems. As a result, every day on our blogs many ideas get pitched, sketched, and prototyped. As productive as we are, we only get to a fraction of them. But when we do ship something, we get feedback instantly on what we’ve done, and often respond quickly to small things we missed, or realize didn’t work quite right, despite our best efforts.

What’s next?

We hope to share more about how we work, and how we think about the future of the web. We have opinions and ideas to share.

If we do this, what would you like to know? No promises, but we’ll sneak around here behind the scenes and see what we can do.

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