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Manage your Ideation process with Innovation Management Software: HypeIMT for Idea Management in New Product Development.

Generate better Ideas – Improve ROI on R&D – Accelerate Growth and Productivity

HypeIMT is the leading Software for Idea- and Innovation Management, to support the whole New Product Development Process, from ideation to commercialization of a new product. Ten of the Global Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric und Procter&Gamble, are already applying HypeIMT to manage the Front End of Innovation.

HypeIMT is an Innovation Management Software which makes your ideation process transparent so that your people focus on generating better ideas for products and services. A systematic process for capturing, rating, comparing, and selecting ideas ensures the right ideas receive funding. Flexible and customizable, HypeIMT helps you design your Innovation Management Process even more effectively, and it supports your particular New Product Development Strategy.

Generate better Ideas!

  • Increase your ROI: Sift out quality ideas faster and gain efficiency in your ideation through automatic processes and up-to-the-minute reports and statistics.
  • Build your corporate innovation community and involve all your top innovators: Have them subscribe to, browse, collaborate, comment, enrich, build upon, and evaluate others’ ideas.
  • Run idea campaigns: Focus your idea management activities and capture ideas of certain target groups of your company for critically important topics even faster.

Improve ROI on R&D

  • Optimize your Innovation Pipeline and put your Product Development Process “on rails”. Escalate ideas that pay off. HypeIMT enables you to get the best corporate ideas into production even faster and thus ensures accelerating growth for your company.
  • Automate the evaluation process to get the best ideas quickly in front of everyone – your colleagues, your subject-matter experts, your executive management – while reducing the churn on ideas that do not meet the needs of your customer and your business strategy.

Accelerate Growth and Productivity

  • Improve ROI and track results: Knowing how to measure success means knowing how to repeat that success.
  • Having all of your innovation management in a single HypeIMT repository allows you to report on key cost factors, monitor products in the market, and improve market success probability.

Features of HypeIMT for New Product Development

  • Configurable Multi-Phase Workflow
  • Configurable Email Notifications
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