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new product ideas

New Product Ideas

Make your ideation process transparent so that your people focus on

generating better ideas for products and services!

  • Generate better Ideas
  • Improve ROI on R&D
  • Accelerate Growth and Productivity

Learn more about HypeIMT for New Product Ideas


Cost Saving Ideas

Design efficient and modern Cost Saving Processes by integrating modern Web 2.0 elements!

  • Motivate Contributors
  • Relieve Experts and Managers
  • Understand and realize savings potential

Learn more about HypeIMT for Cost Saving Ideas Management


Open Innovation

Establish your organization-specific Open Innovation strategy!

  • Cultivate external ideas
  • Increase potential for innovation
  • Ensure competitive advantages

Learn more about HypeIMT for Open Innovation


Invention Disclosures

Get an overview of your company’s Intellectual Property and patent the right ideas in a timely fashion!

  • Submit Invention Disclosures electronically
  • Design a transparent Patent Process
  • Manage your Patent Portfolio

Learn more about HypeIMT for Invention Disclosures

“We got the immediate benefits of buying an off the shelf software, with the ability to customize to our own processes as if we had built it ourselves.”

Martin Roulleaux Dugage, CKO – Corporate R&D AREVA about the initial HypeIMT Roll-Out

„HypeIMT enabled various P&G business units to improve the ideation process significantly. Ease of use and flexibility are the key factors driving acceptance from idea contributors all the way to top management. With HypeIMT the innovation process has definitely entered a new era”.

Dr. Bernd O. Trebitz,
Section Head – R&D Mechanical Developments, Laboratories and Robot Center

Leading Companies rely on Hype

With more than 110 installations in 12 countries, HypeIMT is the world’s most widely installed idea management solution.

… some of our clients:




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